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artist statement

I have been creating three-dimensional objects ever since I can remember.  From childhood to adulthood it has been my way of bringing forth feelings that hide deep within me.  There is a wondrous joy for me that results from reaching inside myself to create something tangible and bringing it out into the world.  And metal will be in the world for many years after I’m gone.

For the past twenty years or so, I have been putting my creative energies into mobiles. In my teens, I was greatly influenced by Alexander Calder, and for many years I focused my work on sculptural jewelry.  As my work evolved, other great artists such as Matisse, Miro and Noguci had an impact on me as well, and my own personal expression emerged and crystallized into these moving sculptures.


The materials for my mobiles are simple.  I use sheet metals of different weight and material, steel being the heaviest, then brass, and aluminum being the lightest.  Flat sheet metal is formed by the traditional methods of silversmithing, using hammers and forming tools.  The balancing is done by intuition at first, and then as the piece progresses, I am able to fine-tune the balance so that the end result comes as close to possible to my original vision.  Initially, my vision is to see the various elements floating in space, relating to-but not anchored to the earth.  By completion, each piece becomes its own very personal universe.

Through abstract shapes I play with the concepts of space and relationship.  My ideas come from organic life, the human form, and the external landscape, while deeply reflecting my internal landscape and dialogue.  The work is playful, joyful, and always changing, and that is the way I see and experience life in all its complexities.

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